I was in a bit of a goofy mood last night as I checked my email and saw some new Twitter followers.  One of them, in their bio which I always check, had claimed “I’m a life-long learner”.

So, in goofy fashion, I thought to question this.

Me:  You’re a life-long learner?

Them:  Yes

Me:  What did you learn today?

Them:  Well, nothing today but you know what I mean.

Sadly, I think I do.  It’s one of those buzzwords that are part of what some folks need to hang on themselves to try and prove themselves as current.

It begs the question – as opposed to what?  “school learner and then I’m done”.

Another one that gets me going to is “I’m a connected leader”.

I wonder – is this as opposed to “disconnected leader”?  Or “unconnected leader”?  Or “connected follower”?

Even the labels that are attached by the technology industry can be interesting if you ask “as opposed to what”.

Do all these buzzwords devalue the original words when you try to brand yourself in that fashion?  If you believe that there are two opposites, then there must be a tipping point when you leave one and become the other.  Who makes that determination?

What if the bio simply said…

I share. I learn. You judge.

Then, you don’t have to take their word for it.



  1. as someone who uses the term life-long learner to describe myself regularly, you’ve made me think. Maybe I should just say “learner”, because that’s how I see myself all the time – I don’t ever want to stop. Thanks for the lens shift – you’re ever so good at that.


  2. When I read this yesterday the first thing I asked myself was “what did I learn today?” I’m sure I learned something but it can be hard to put one’s finger on it sometimes. Today I learned something in my programming class (a student used a method I had not known about) and it gave me all sorts of ideas. I think to me being a lifelong learner is being open to learning any time any place and from anyone. I don’t think it means you have to have something profound that you learned every day as much as it means you haven’t closed yourself to learning more.

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