A postcard from San Diego…

What are you doing this July?

How about joining groups of Computer Science teachers for the annual CSTA Conference in San Diego, California?

San Diego has a special place in my computing heart.  It was here that I got my first in-depth, one to one introduction to Ubuntu. 

Details are on the conference website.  The CSTA Conference moves from location to location to include various regional ideas but there are those that go every year, no matter the location.

CSTA Conference History

2016 San Diego, CA
2015 Grapevine, TX
2014 St. Charles, IL
2013 Quincy, MA
2012 Irvine, CA
2011 New York, NY
2010 Mountain View, CA
2009 Washington, DC
2008 San Antonio, TX
2007 Atlanta, GA
2006 San Diego, CA
2005 Philadelphia, PA
2005 St. Louis, MO
2004 New Orleans, LA
2003 Seattle, WA
2002 San Antonio, TX
2001 Chicago, IL
2000 Atlanta, GA

Here’s your official postcard invitation.





  1. I’ve worked on the organizing committee for all but the very first one. I remember being a party pooper at the first San Diego conference. A group wanted to go to Mexico for a meal but I didn’t have a passport.


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