Remembrance Day

You’ve got to love a success story and we have one ongoing here in Ontario.

You’ll remember one of the Ontario Edublogs that were in my This Week in Ontario Edublogs post last Friday.  I noted that Allison Fuisz’ post was an important read for educators.

#PoppyTalk – Making Sure We ALL Remember

Educators were encouraged to find and share resources for Remembrance Day and to tag them with the hashtag #PoppyTalk.

And people responded so nicely to the call to action.  Search for, or just click the link above, and you’ll find all of the stories shared with that particular tag.  There are some incredible resources and ideas shared.

If you prefer to see all the comments in one spot, check out this Storify document.

One that you can, and are encouraged to use right away, is a Google Slides presentation from Megan Valois.

It’s an important day and so impressive that educators have pulled together to share resources.






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