Sugar and problem solving

So, how does one work off the sugar from Hallowe’en?

How about with a good puzzle to solve?

Put your brain and fingers into full gear to solve one of the world’s great problems – the Rubik’s Cube.

I had one of those frustrating things years ago.  I wasted much too much time trying to solve it and eventually did – but not without some help, I’ll admit.

Now, the Rubik’s Cube is available for play learning as a Chrome Experiment here.  Technical reading for the HTML5 and CSS3 is available here.

Google has taken advantage of the popularity of the game in a number of its famous doodles.

But for our little outing, we need to work with the interactive version.  In other words, solving the puzzle in your browser.  Here are the keyboard shortcuts to commit to memory or you can just use your mouse.

I found it didn’t make any difference for me.  Tough in real life, it’s unbelievably challenging in the browser.

But what the heck.  It was fun for a while anyway.

And, for the hotshots out there, once you’ve mastered it, perhaps you’d be interested in creating your own experiments and sharing it back.  The code for creating your own can be downloaded.

Good luck.

Author: dougpete

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