Lisa Noble yesterday asked where I find things.  I don’t really know except to say that I just keep my eyes open for things that catch my attention.

I had such a moment last evening as I was catching up on email and newsletters.  I have email accounts on Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft and use each for differing purposes.  One of these purposes is to filter the resources accordingly.  So, it won’t come as a surprise that, when I’m subscribing to a Microsoft resource, I use my live.ca account.  I think everyone has their own way of keeping track of things.

This approach has worked for me for a long time since it allows me to focus on a particular topic, depending upon the service.

I’ll also admit right now that I do take a look at the Junk / Spam folders because there are times that things I want to read end up there according to the rules written by the provider to keep us safe.  I do admit to being amused with the bad attempts at phishing.  Maybe I should write a post about responses to email spammers.

Anyway, as I cleaned out my live account last night, I noticed that there were some things in the junk folder.

Checking it reveals:

So, Lisa, that’s how I find things that amuse me.  I’m actually quite interested in the specifications, pricing, and availability of the Surface Pro 4.  I was quite surprised to see them end up here.

I think Brandon Grasley summed it up nicely…

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