Just wondering

In this day when we celebrate inquiry and curiosity, good questions are so important.

Over the weekend, I discovered the Wonderopolis website.  I just know that it will be of so much interest to classrooms where discovery rules the day.

I was hooked when I stumbled into this…

Now, I’ll formally admit this.

I had never wondered or even thought about this.  As a dog owner, maybe I should.

The answer, as researched and provided by the site, can be found here.

As I tend to do, when I’m very interested in a web resource, I’ll spend a great deal of time poking around and exploring.  I most certainly did that here.  There are so many good questions/wonders that you can’t just stop at one.  And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there’s an opportunity to ask your own questions.  It’s like having your own personal research assistant.

Here’s how it works.

I was impressed with how Wonderopolis uses the best read/write web tools to stay in contact.  Subscribe to the Wonder of the Day via email, social media, or put a widget (iframe format) on your website/wiki.  You can even connect to other classrooms using the service.

Get started by exploring the wonders already answered and imagine just how you’re going to use this in your classroom.



  1. Doug, I’m so glad that you highlighted this site. When Jo-Ann Corbin-Harper (@jcorbinh) taught Grade 8, she used this site for Wonder Wednesdays. Student groups chose a wonder of interest to them, investigated the answer, and shared their learning through a short media project. The thing that I love about Wonderopolis is that the content is easily accessible to all grades. I’d love to hear about how others use the site, and I hope that they’ll comment here. As you mentioned, with a focus on inquiry, this site could be very beneficial in the classroom environment.



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