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Can this election campaign finish up quickly enough?  It’s been interesting; the focus doesn’t seem to be on “I want this”; it’s more like “I don’t want that”.  For me, I could just enjoy not having political commercials during the middle of baseball games.  Thankfully, you don’t see them on Ontario Edublogger sites.  You just see great thinking.  Here’s some of what I’ve read recently.

Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 71 Write Your Hike, Hike your Tale

I’ll admit – I didn’t know that Ontario had a Hiking Week.  But, I do now thanks to this blog post from Rob Ridley.  I know there’s a four legged friend here that would like to expand our three-a-days to celebrate. 

Even if you missed the week like I did, there’s some great ideas in this post to marry language arts, story telling, and hiking. 

And, really, the concept shouldn’t be limited to just one week.

Spills, Disagreements, and Messes … Oh My!

I tried to think of the computer studies equivalent to Aviva Dunsiger’s list of observations from kindergarten.  You know, the old adage, “everything I needed to know, I learned in kindergarten”.  I just couldn’t draw a lot of parallels. 

The best I could come up with was to agree on her opening statement – * classes are often busy places.

I had to smile at the list she provided and her conclusions about mistakes.  Maybe that should be the focus.  Mistakes across the curriculum and how they enhance the learning for everyone.

The Highs and Lows

Paul Cornies always starts the mind thinking in new directions with his quotes of the day and then his probing question.

Here’s a great one for you to think about today, and in fact, every day.

When your heart speaks, take good notes.  ~ Judith Campbell
– What does your heart convey?

From Printers to Posters to the Pacific Ocean

We all don’t have the opportunity described by Sue Bruyns in this post.  But, we can read and get a visual to start the thinking.

Even if you think you’re doing something innovative and progressive in your classroom, there’s a great deal to be learned just by visiting another location.  It might be the school across town or, in Sue’s case, in British Columbia.  I would contend that there’s always something new to see and learn.  By pulling these bits and pieces together and bringing them back home, you get better as well.

Read the post to see her observations and then I’d suggest considering the question “Couldn’t we be doing that?” 

What is the opportunity here?

And, don’t sell yourself short.  If you looked at your school with an objective eye, I’ll bet that you could come up with a pretty good list that would inspire someone visiting your digs.

Week 5: Fan Culture

Inspiration can come from some interesting places. 

I’ll bet you’ll wonder how this potential call to action from Janet Broder’s post ever happened.

You’ll have to read her post to see what made her think this way.  I would never have seen the connection and I really like the fact that bloggers will often share their thoughts about their takeaways. 

The Call.

From Room 121, a wonderful thought to end Citizenship Week celebrations…

This could be a great discussion point or writing point for this week. 

  • “How did you answer The Call this week?”
  • “Did you miss any calls?”

And yet again, another great collection of thoughts and thinking. Please take the time to check them, and all the blogs from Ontario Educators.  If your blog isn’t listed, please consider adding it so that we can enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Ontario Edublogs

  1. Doug, thanks for including my blog post here. You always work at connecting and promoting Ontario bloggers, and for that, I’m very grateful.

    I enjoyed your comment about my post. I think you make a great point about learning from mistakes. Did you see Kristi Keery-Bishop’s recent post? Surprisingly, we published within minutes of each other and on similar topics (we didn’t even talk beforehand 🙂 ). I mention this post because I think Kristi takes this idea of mistakes, risks, and problem solving, and brings it to a whole other level. Maybe this is how one big idea can connect all of the different grades and subject areas.

    Happy Friday, Doug!


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