Opinion Pages

I don’t go looking for this stuff because I get so upset when I read it.

Within the past day, a friend of mine shared these two links.  I have no doubt that they are just a couple in the hundreds of opinion pieces that are out there in the province.  After all, who doesn’t have an opinion about education?  We’ve all attended school.  It is a connecting event.

For some reason, when things like education negotiations are happening though, it’s fair game to take your thoughts and share them with the mainstream media.  Of course, it’s not lost on me that the modern way is to share your thoughts on your blog.

The goal of any successful writing is to inspire a call to action as a result.  Good writing can generate that action by changing the way people do things or to encourage a brainstorming of ideas via the comments.

Sadly, both of these articles miss by a mile.

In one case, it’s an attempt to turn society against those in education and in the other case, it turns teacher against teacher.  This isn’t the time for either.

I can’t think of a rationale for their content except to inflame anyone unfortunate enough to read them.  Normally, that wouldn’t be me but I do respect the wisdom of my friend.

As I often say, articles like this bring out every whacko with a keyboard and an ax to grind.  It’s also encouraged through a selective choosing of the facts and even getting some of them wrong.

In both cases, there was a selection of calm and reasonable voices that tried to inject a bit of reality into the conversation.  Unfortunately, these were few and far between.

But, I guess it sells newspapers and that’s the bottom line.

The whole experience was a reminder to me to just stick to the news stories and stay away from the opinion pages – at least until a collective agreement is put into place.

Then, they can move on to other topics fueled by half-truths.

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