A different way to think about drawing

Take a look at this terrific graphic that I drew this morning.

Now, I’m the first to acknowledge that I’m no artist.  So, any of you who see me as a threat can rest easy.  Although, you know, it isn’t a bad drawing of Essex County.

What’s new is that I’m using a new app, Quill to do the drawing.  The authors describe it as “Collaborative drawing and wireframing with your team on your tablet”.

Now, there are a couple of words there that reached out and grabbed me.  collaborative, team

There are lots of applications available for drawing that are great downloads.  It’s those other descriptors that are really intriguing.

Upon first startup, an overlay gives simple instructions about how to work in this environment.

Upon setup, you do have to create an online account – because you’re going to be adding collaborators – and then you’re off.

In today’s online world, we’re good at collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  This adds drawings to the mix with a quick and simple layout and toolset.  

Quill is free for teams of up to five members.

How soon before we see the first collaborative Sketchnote done with this tool?

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