The best Word Online add-ins

How many times have you heard that Microsoft Word is the best word processor on the market?  It can do everything.  Well, almost everything.  Sometimes a little help may be necessary.  Word Online, part of the online Office 365 suite, opens the door to add-ins just like the desktop version does.  The collection of add-ins is considerably smaller than those available for Google Docs but there still are some noteworthy enhancements to your word processing environment.

If you haven’t included these as part of your word processing routine, you should check them out and perhaps make them an integral part.  Sure, you can access them with an open tab and going directly to the source.  But, there’s something so much more productive just having them right in the application.

They’re available through the Microsoft Store which is available right in your browser!  Just select the Insert menu and click on My Add-ins button in the ribbon.

Here’s a list of my picks.

Abbreviation List
Symbols and Characters
Handy Calculator

Check them out and look for the others.  Note that there are some commercial entries in the store as well.

What add-ins do you use to make your online work more productive?

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