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There’s something wrong with leaves changing colour and falling this early in September.  Wouldn’t it be better if it happened in October?

Please check out some of the great resources from Ontario Educators that I’ve read lately.

Word Swag It!

You can’t go wrong with a dog image in a post!

And, you certainly can’t go wrong with sharing your learning visibility via your blog.

And, you have to love it when one Ontario educator learns from another.

In this post, Vilma Manahan was inspired by a post from Tina Zita to learn how to put text over pictures for effect.  Read the post for the complete story and some examples.  Could your students do the same for their projects?  Time to get the cameras out?  Or a lesson on Creative Commons?

An Educator’s New Years Resolution!

One of the best part about teaching is that you get to start anew every school year.  How many professions can claim that?

And, with each new start, you get better.

Monica Taylor shares her New Year’s Resolution for the upcoming school year.

Check out her five resolutions in the post and she’s asking you to add your own in the comments.  Got a new class?  New approach?  New environment?  Certainly new students.  What will you do differently this year?

Part One: Introduction to Inquiry

What does inquiry and big questions look like?

Check out this post by Shelly Vohra.

She includes references to some of her approaches in various grades and provides a list of guiding questions as she frames these questions.

It’s labelled Part One – I went looking for a Part Two but it’s not posted yet.  However, I did find this interesting post.  Twitter in the Classroom.

Who’s Your Safe Person?

This post, by Rick Gavin is a good reminder for all.

I have a couple of safe people in my life.  Some of them I talk to them over periodic coffees and another I talk to daily.  He’s right; everyone needs someone to listen to your thoughts and concerns of the day.  One of the best things I ever did for myself was to learn about peer coaching.  I ultimately ended up with a coach who worked in a Grade 3 classroom and the value that he brought to my professional life was inspirational.

Rick reminds us to take a look around the school for the student in need of a safe person.

Keep your eyes open; you might just find someone in need of a safe person.

The Difference Between ‘Careful’ and ‘Responsible’

What a difference a word can make!

Anthony Carabache takes a home experience and request and turns it into a thinking moment for classroom instruction that has impact.

It’s not a huge leap to take an understanding of his message and apply it to filters that so many school districts are fond of using.

Small ways

After a summer off, Paul Cornies is back with his daily bit of quotation inspirations.

His quotes and questions are a wonderful way to start the day.

The neat thing is that Paul has put them together in a book.  Why not talk to your principal or teacher-librarian?  It would make a wonderful addition to any school, classroom, or library.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Escape Room Concept in EDU

The concept of an escape or breakout room is new to me.  Or, at least the label.  I always had choices but my implementation paled in comparison to what Jennifer Casa-Todd talks about in this post.

Does anyone remember Games Magazine?  I had a subscription and brought a month old copy into my classroom and it was placed in the open for what we’d now call computational thinking, I suppose.  The students used to complain that the easy puzzles were done.  Ever the teacher, I remember explaining that I didn’t want to spoil their thinking experience with the simple ones and left the others for them.

Enough about me – back to Jennifer’s post.  This will get you thinking about ways to break out of lock step activities and I’ll bet the results will be better engagement.  I’m humbled that she included a link back to my post about the Bebras Challenge.

What another wonderful collection of thinking and sharing by Ontario Educators.  Make sure that you enjoy these posts in their entirety by following the links back.  You can check out all of the Ontario Educator blogs I’ve found in this Livebinder.  As always, if you’re not listed, please do so with the form on the landing page.

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