Dog Walkers Are Voters Too

I’ve mentioned this many times before.  When you enjoy your walks with your dog, it’s the little things that count.

Our route is no different than anywhere else in Canada, I suspect.  You see a great deal of this.

I always make a wide trip around these lest part of the activities in dogwalking is misinterpreted as a political statement.

Sign design is interesting.  Of note, the Conservative sign doesn’t include the name of the party leader whereas the Liberal and NDP signs do.  I guess that’s what happens when you are an incumbent – you stand on your record with the riding whereas the new candidates try to gain their identity with their leader.  It makes sense. 

If the concept is to get a flash of colour and a name while you’re flying by at 80 km/h, then I guess that works.

But, how about the lowly dog walker who strolls by.  You get the message and then see the sign for a long time until you pass it and then you look for the next one.  Remember, it’s the little things.

Of other note, two of the signs has the address to the candidate’s web presence.  That’s a good thing and does send a message of being with things in a technological society. 

But, for us bored dog walkers, I’d like to offer another suggestion … and there’s a lot of room for it. 

How about adding a QR Code?

We could take a picture with our camera and be teleported to the candidate’s website, or preferably to a list of items that would separate this candidate from the others.

I know we’d be interested in:

  • safety for dog walkers – bicyclists get a metre, we’d like one too;
  • mailboxes closer to the road;
  • while at it, we need more fire hydrants;
  • less concern about urban expressways – we don’t care about that;
  • a bowl of water every kilometre or so would be nice.

They’re easy enough to create.  Grab a browser add-on like QR Code Image Generator or even use the web at a site like QR Stuff.  Educators have been using them for quite some time now.  I’ve created a QR Codes page here on  It certainly adds another message and layer about technology for the viewer.

We’ve still got a month to go before the election and stories like this one will give an indication that there will be a need for more signs.

Time to up the ante to meet the needs of the dog walking community?

OTR Links 09/17/2015

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