Blogging and Dog Walking

We like walking and now, maybe, blogging at the same time.

Ok editing team you can take the day off. This is a test of voice blogging using Google Docs. My technique in this particular case is I’m walking down the road, my dog is to my left, & I have a Google Doc open and I’m talking into the microphone as we walk along. I am expecting that there will be some possible errors as we go ahead and we do this but I am going to take the final document exactly is Google Voice transcribes it and see what it looks like inside of a document and when I get back to my desk top it may be that I will do a little bit more voice editing once I get into the desktop version and see what happens. In this particular case I’ve got docks open in my phone an Android phone and I open the keyboard tapped on the voice button and I’m starting to talk let’s see how it goes on my desktop I will come back and I will use the voice typing option to hopefully tighten up the document make it good for publication we’ll see how this goes by

This is the sound of cars going by we are headed west Chevy Cruze and Iowa Ford F-150 pickup truck another Chevy Cruze


okay I’m back at my desktop. The document is open in Google Chrome (Voice Typing doesn’t work yet in Firefox)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Position the cursor in the document and start talking

One thing I noticed is that you do need to remind yourself to say period when you’re at the end of a sentence otherwise you end up with some run on sentences. That’s not natural because you don’t do that in real life. I was very pleased to see the results as I take a look to the editor they seem to have transcribe very nicely I wonder is this the future of blogging combine it with dog dog walking and you end up with the ultimate multitask.

Voice to text is not a new concept. It has been the saviour for some students for a long time but always required special setups at a desk top computer. I was impressed that the sound of passing cars and a truck didn’t affect the pickup of my voice at all.

So, does this feature change everything again? Just think of those twenty first century initiatives where people are delighted that they can create a word document or excel spreadsheet.

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