They Have My Back

Like clockwork, this blog is updated at 5am with some rambling from yours truly.  Why?  It’s a hobby but it’s also something that I remember from a mathematics professor at university.

If someone has potential to be a good football player, what do they do? – Practice, Practice, Practice

If someone has potential to be a good baseball player, what do they do?  – Practice, Practice, Practice

If someone has potential to be a good mathematical problem solver, what do they do?  – They do the odd questions on page 37 and then go outside and play baseball.

It was delivered with more humour than you reading it online here, to be sure.

While my focus in studies was mathematics and computer sciences, inwardly I always wanted to be a better writer.  Blogging is my current way of dealing with it.  I get to try different styles, thinking, analysing, and occasionally a bit of humour myself.  I know – just a bit of humour.

So, like clockwork, something perfect gets posted her at 5am every morning.

Hah!  Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, my proofreading and technical skills still need developing.

  • I think that I have the dreaded it’s/its down pat along with your/you’re.
  • I think that I have the scheduling bit down pat for 5am.

Truth be told, I struggle.

First, there’s the 5am bit.  I do my writing with ScribeFire and it does a wonderful job of scheduling.

But, as we all know, a tool is only as good as the tool behind the keyboard.  Do you see September there?  It’s actually part of a popup menu and, at the end of the month, you need to switch to the next month for proper scheduling.  That requires a little dexterity and there’s a great deal of pressure when you have a dog staring at you as he looks at his watch.  Otherwise, you might jump ahead a couple of months or backward a month.  Just sayin’

Even after I post it, if I have a chance, I’ll go onto the WordPress site and do a little proofread or revision later in the day.  Therein lies another technical problem when using the Chrome or Opera browser.  Either the browser of one of my add-ons likes to play around with the year and change the post to a couple of years in the past.  I’ve been known to do a wonderful edit and update only to not see the post the next morning!

Or, as what happened this week, work on a blog post at two different times with two different tools and have a blog post appear twice.

I try to write my posts in a conversational manner.  I always hated the high couture writing that we find so often in education.  Read any of them and count the jargon.  We sure like jargon in education.  Unfortunately, my conversational voice is known to be less than perfect and there are things that elude the proofreading process and get published.  How embarrassing.

Fortunately, I have a volunteer team that keep this dummy on track.  They’re kind about it – “I didn’t see a post on your blog this morning” or “you have subject/verb disagreement in the second paragraph” or “you missed a word here” or “did you mean to blog twice about the Queen”.

So, for this Saturday morning, a HUGE shout out to the team that has no qualms about spotting and helping me correct my errors.

Thanks to:

  • Aviva Dunsiger
  • Lisa Noble
  • Sheila Stewart

Without your help, I’d be in rough shape.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to Practice, Practice, Practice.

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