A Challenging Proposition

Are you looking for a great way to teaching computational thinking in a fun, challenging, and online way?

Then, you need to take a good look at the Bebras Challenge.

According to details from the Computer Science Teachers’ Association:

In 2014, almost a million participants across 34 countries participated in the Bebras Computing Challenge. It’s a free quiz that requires no studying or preparation, and showcases the key computing concepts to participants. This year, it’s available between 9 – 20 November and sports an entirely new set of fascinating challenges.

Why not add your class?

You don’t need to fly into this blind, all of the challenges from 2014 are online.  They’re organized by age level, and then by difficulty level within these levels.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone.

A word of warning; make sure that you have plenty of time before you start exploring.  Like a good candy, you can’t just stop at one.

The presentation is very colourful and the challenges posed are engaging. Check out this one from the Benjamin level.

You’ve probably seen similar problems but the nice thing here is that they’re all organized here in one place.

This year’s Challenge is in November.  Are you and your students in?

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