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One summer, I worked on a farm full-time and there were lots of new things to learn.  As the second hired hand, I had no choice but to ask the first hand everything, including things that didn’t apply to what we were doing.  I still remember his statement to me:

“Curiosity killed the cattle beast”.

Why would I remember that?  Did I know back then that I’d be blogging about something and could use a silly quote?

So, when I read this post “Creating your own browser with HTML and JavaScript“, I just had to check it out for myself.  It’s a very compact download from the Windows store here and loads incredibly quickly.

So, what could you do with a browser that small and quick?

Actually, quite a bit.

You won’t confuse it with a full blown browser but it displayed this website very nicely.

It had a little problem with Facebook’s Flash games, as to be expected.  I couldn’t check into the one game I follow but the lack of Flash support isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  (When I opened my computer this morning, there was yet another upgrade to it)

I did appreciate Facebook dropping me an email indicating this was not the normal browser for me.  They had my back on this one.

It was interesting to use it for a while to get a sense of what was missing that I use regularly.  Context menus, plugins, new tabs, etc. are all not supported but, from the description, they never were anyway.

Interestingly, it identifies itself at the Edge browser when you go to

And again, not to be surprised at that.

What is a surprise is that Microsoft has made the source available for download on GitHub.  I’m thinking that those Grade 12 students who want to muck about in the “real world” might get a real kick out this.

So, that ends my search for something completely different.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much that you could do with it.  Addons are completely out of the question, obviously but they’re not a feature of Edge yet either.

This is one of the ways I have fun!

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