What Did You Do This Summer?

Yep, that ol’ story.  It’s a great ice breaker to get kids to talk about things in those first few days of school.

Some of the students may have had an opportunity to travel and explore far and wide.  Others may have just enjoyed their local neighbourhood. 

Either way, the activities are great fodder for some story telling provided they took pictures and remembered to bring them to school.

Or not.

Why not build on the concepts introduced in a couple of blog posts here?

With Google Maps, you’re never at a loss for some great imagery.  (unless you really go off the grid)

One of our favourite trips in the summer is to Point Pelee National Park.  It’s always a wonderful trip around the boardwalk and then to take the trip to the Tip to see what it looks like on this visit.  It’s never the same twice.  With Google Maps and Streetview, I can share part of the story via screen captures. 

From a classroom perspective – what a great start to a class blog, or a presentation software, or a multimedia authoring experience, or a document, or ….

The Location:  Kind of redundant – once you get to Leamington, there’s signs everywhere.  Just keep heading south until you can’t go any further on mainland Canada.

The Sign:  The entrance is a tribute to migration – I always think of mid-century art.

The Entrance:  This is as far as Google Streetview goes.  It would be interesting to see them do a complete treatment of the park like they’ve done with so many fascinating places.  Or perhaps not.  It’s just fun to explore and learn.

But in the park:  It never fails to impress that we’re on the 42nd parallel and to see who else is – Rome and Barcelona made the sign.

The Excitement:  There’s nothing like taking a seat and heading to the point.  Cars are only allowed so far then it’s Pelee Transportation or walking the rest of the way.

So, what did you do this summer?


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