Another Back to School Collection

A couple of days ago, I had written my post “Back to School Stories” where I had tried to pull together much of what I’d been reading that sort of applied to getting back to school.  While school’s still a couple of weeks away and no collective agreements are in place, I know that there are professionals who are doing their thinking and planning.  It’s a tribute to the teaching profession.

As promised, I’d been updating the post with more of the stories that I’d run across.  It’s funny – when I decided to do this, my original thought was to create either a Scoopit! or Flipboard document.  I decided against these just because I like to blog, I guess.

But yesterday, I got a notification that I wasn’t alone.  I received notification of another work in progress by James Hewett.

It’s a curation of the same ilk, this time in Flipboard.

So, if you’re looking for another collection head on over to James’ document for more ideas.

Me, I’m off to update my original blog post with the latest that I’d found and I’ll be adding this resource.

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