Back to School Stories

My reading lately has been flooded with advice that could be collectively categorized as “Back to School Wisdom and Advice”.  It’s mid-August, I’m already getting excited to go to the Harrow Fair which happens on Labour Day and then you know what happens next.

Today, I decided to dig into the archive and pull these stories forward in a blog post so that they all appear together in one spot.  I’ll do my best to keep this post updated over the next couple of weeks because there are some good ideas and stories.  Like all collections, it’s time to cherry pick the ones that are applicable and helpful.  Many of the links will take you to internet resources and that’s always good – I look for the free ones first.  You may find a title repeated over and over again.  Multiple endorsements certainly mean that they’re worth a look for your classroom.  And, as always, your mileage may vary.  It’s important to recognize that not every resource works for everyone and that’s OK.

Unlike the past where you might get a binder and a red pen from your school on the first day, when you go online, there are so many resources to make things richer.  That makes everyone a winner.

Here goes:

OK, that took a lot longer and more copy/pasting than I had planned.  I’m not doing this alone.  If you’ve read a great back to school story, please add it in the contents.

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