A Word Cloud Generator with an Angle

Word Clouds.  We’ve seen them, we’ve done them, many of us wear the t-shirt.  

It’s a quick and easy way to create a graphic based upon text.  Essentially, the size of the word is based upon the frequency of the text.  Many teachers use word clouds to  have students analyse their writing or to create a poster/graphic based upon key words.

But, suppose you worked a little mathematics into it!

Jason Davies has actually worked a lot of mathematics into his Word Cloud Generator.  Just start with this little protractor at the bottom of the screen.

Play around with the parameters, or just grab the arrowheads and rotate.  So, suppose I’d like a Word Cloud with every word at a 45 degree angle…

generates this…

…and that’s just getting started.  

I haven’t had so much fun tinkering around with a toy for a while.

What’s even more interesting is reading how the generator works.  The product is a great example of what can be done as parts are remixed from code on GitHub.

Give it a try.  I’ll bet you can’t stop with just one.

You can access the Word Cloud Generator here.


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