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It’s been a long time since we, in the province of Ontario, have been aware of the situation that resulted from a lack of collective agreements for teachers. 

We’ve seen work to rule, information pickets, strikes, …

Quite regularly, we’re exposed to news reports about the progress, or lack thereof, in reaching agreements.

Typically, the reporters will reach out to school districts, government officials, or teacher representatives for their thoughts.

Seldom do we hear from those who will be more affected – the students.

So, what do you do in this day and age? – Simple, take it to Social Media.  There, everyone has an equal, unfiltered voice.

Twitter it is then.

Find out what the issues are from a different perspective.  The search feature of Twitter will allow you to follow the following hashtags.

As you would expect, the voices are over the map in terms of where sympathies and priorities lie.

But truth from their perspective lies in the words of the speaker.

Are those that could resolve this listening?


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