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August 10, 2015

  • A First Look at HyperDuino

    One of the things that I’m proud of during my stint on the OSAPAC Committee was the provincial licensing of the HyperStudio product.  Once in classrooms, it truly was transformative.  I have to smile when I see all the hubbub of the current Maker Movement in schools.  When HyperStudio was used properly, kids were “making”… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 08/10/2015

    Live to Learn: Digital Literacy is Crucial for Reading and Writing Instruction Digital literacy is a lot more than getting excited about a brand #edtech — Timothy King (@tk1ng) August 4, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter Student Chrome Extensions | Corey Aylen Chrome Extensions for Students #gafe #edchat — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) August 9,… Continue reading