How Do You Start?

One of the most frustrating things about getting to a website to check things out is the actual process of typing the URL.  Have you ever read an article in a newspaper or book and wanted to check it out only to grind to a halt while you labour over the typing?  And, goodness knows how things go if you mess up with a character!  Let’s not even talk about getting it correct tapping it out on a phone or tablet!  Kudos to reading online to avoid the typing.

Teachers know that it’s frustrating when you multiply that by 25 little fingers!  The most efficient way, for both you and your class, is to make the link to the desired site just a click away.  If your class has a website or blog, it’s a relatively easy thing to edit a page and put a link to the site right in a page.  But, it’s even more impressive if you can make it colourful and very visual.

And, of course, you want to make the resource available both at school and at home – plus it’s nice to have an accumulation of the resources.  It avoids the problem of “Miss, what was that website we went to yesterday again?”

Fortunately, great web developers have you covered here.  Check out these alternatives.  They all work basically the same way – you create an account, populate the resource with the content you want and then share the ONE link with the class.  Yet another reason to have a classroom blog or website.

Or, if you share resources from the district level or want to include another classroom with an online project, it’s always nice to be on the “same page…”

Here’s a collection – in alphabetical order…



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What a great collection of resources to get the job done.  Do you use any of these?  Have I missed any?


OTR Links 08/05/2015

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