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Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Tom D’Amico from the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  If you haven’t had the chance to read the interview, I’d encourage you to do so.  Then, why not pass it along to your own principal, superintendent, or director to encourage this sort of progressive, open thinking.

I really like the open concepts and sharing of resources for the benefit of those in the OCSB.  But, the advantage for those of us who don’t work with the OCSB is that the resources aren’t hidden behind some educational equivalent of a paywall.  They’re there for anyone to access and use.  Follow Tom’s Scoop.IT resource to find the latest things that he’s found, bookmarked, and shared for anyone to dig in to.

If you read the entirety of the interview, you’ll see that Tom has given us some insights into how he finds the resources that he shares.  Links will take you to the resources online if you’re interested in following.

There is one link that I think is worthy of special recognition.  In the interview, I ask Tom how the OCSB handles the concept of Digital Citizenship.  I know that’s a big concern for many districts.  Ottawa Catholic has that covered already in a project they’re calling “Samaritans on the Digital Road“.


It’s a terrific example as to how a Google Site can be used to collect such a resource.  Many people who have adopted the Google platform in education have created their own resources for these purposes and certainly this from the OCSB shows how to do it.

This complete site addresses the concept of digital citizenship from JK/SK right through Grade 12.

Navigation to a grade is accomplished through a menu on the left side of the screen.

Within each grade, you’ll have a menu to the resources similar to this.  (Grade 12 menu)

You’ll see the actual lesson plan along with SMARTBoard and non-SMARTBoard resources just a click away.

Each of the lessons indicated which of the Ontario Curriculum Expectations can be addressed with the lesson.  As OCSB is a Catholic school district, you’ll also see references to the Catholic expectations addressed as well.

I know that many people are doing summer AQ courses or are already planning for lessons in the fall.  This resource may well serve as inspiration for your own works.

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