In One Place

This past week, Sylvia Duckworth released another one of her Sketchnotes (Sylvianotes). 

It was based on a poem by Taylor Mali.  The sketchnote has certainly been very popular and shared by many.  (I know because Sylvia was kind enough to include me in the original message so I get notifications.)  Her work is quickly becoming a favourite with educators and others.  I try to keep pace with her and record them in a Flipboard here.

I just wanted to write this post to draw attention to it and make reference to a couple of videos by Mr. Mali for those who haven’t seen the original performance. 

and …

All these resources are very inspirational.  Share them with your favourite teacher or colleague or Faculty of Education class.

Stand just a bit taller as you walk down the street.  You make a difference.



  1. thanks, doug – I missed this during a stretch without wifi. I am a big Taylor Mali fan, and always read one of his poems to my students when the first snowfall arrives each year. The line that resonates with me is “let me teach like the first snow falling”
    (and then I found @cowpernicus’ blog on it!



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