It’s a Good Idea in Theory…

Well, it worked to bring attention to an airline….

Now, another initiative to make everything right in this world.

First, you have to have eaten in Toronto.  Then, you diagnose yourself with food poisoning from that meal.  Finally, you go online here to rat on the restaurant.

What could go wrong?

I know that, around here, restaurants are regularly inspected and signage posted to let you know the results of the inspections.  If you’re so inclined, you can check them out online before heading out for a meal.  Quite frankly, I don’t do that.  It’s just confirming to walk up to a restaurant and see a satisfactory rating posted in the window.  

I think that we’ve all gone out for a meal and had the feeling “I’m never eating there again.”  But now I can stick a fork in them online as well?  Or maybe I’m a competitor looking for a way to fry their butts?  Isn’t that what Yelp or Facebook are for?

Social media can certainly be a vehicle for expressing and collecting public opinion.  If thoughts are about education, we’ve certainly proved that we can’t agree and be on the same page about many things.  This potentially takes things to the next step and allows anyone with a keyboard to become a physician, pinpointing time and place for food poisoning.

As I mentioned in the title, it probably makes a great deal of sense in theory to help identify problem locations.  I’m guessing that the locations may well already be on the radar anyway. 

Apparently, the program is in pilot mode and will be reviewed in six months.  That’s a good plan.  It will be interesting to follow and see if social media can be helpful and make a positive change.

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