You Never Know…

So, you blog…

Not a biggy these days.  The post goes up, a couple of people might read it, and the sun still comes up tomorrow.

The “why” behind it varies from person to person.  For me, it’s just a routine that I’ve built into my day so that I can exercise my brain a bit, record my thoughts because if I don’t, they’ll go away, enjoy the connections that result, and I like to think that my writing gets better.

This past weekend, I put together a quick post “Stop It Already“.  It really was one of those “blow off steam” type of posts.  Apparently, a leader had made the trite observation that “it’s about the pedagogy not the technology” at the recent ISTE Conference.  Now, I didn’t really rail against the comment but it was more of a reaction that, because of this person’s celebrity, that comment got echoed across the digital landscape.  It just struck me that with all of the great minds gathered together in one location that this was the best that could be found.  Is it an indication of just how shallowly people really think about technology in the classroom?  As BIT14 speaker George Couros mused, it might have been the first time that someone had heard that phrase and found it noteworthy.  Sadly, that wasn’t the case from my observations; it came from people who should have known better.  

Ever the optimist, I hope that in the year 2015, that there’s nobody who just fell off the turnip truck and “discovered” technology.  

But then, we still talk about 21st Century education so maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, back to the point.  The post went up on a Saturday.  Who reads posts on a Saturday?  Apparently more than I would have predicted.

My original post was interpreted, misinterpreted, and reinterpreted and there were great discussions all over the place on Twitter.  I wish that I’d been online to enjoy the flow as it happened but only caught up with it later.  The dog and I had gone exploring.

What was interesting was the aftermath.  It spawned at least three posts most definitely worth the read.

I’d encourage everyone to read all three posts.  

Now, Peter and George have long been on my reading list.  It was the last post by Kelly Christopherson that caught my attention.  In particular, there was one snippet – 

I read a great deal but I don’t write or publish that much – scared of what might happen, both positively and negatively. I use to think that if I wrote something or said something then there’s no going back”

I suspect that that sentiment would resonate with a lot of people and it’s unfortunate.  I spent some time wandering around Kelly’s blog and there’s some great thoughts there.  I’ve mentioned before that there are some people that won’t post until they know that they’re going to hit one out of the park.

But you never know what’s going to strike a chord with your readers.  In fact, the people that it might just might miss that one post!  

For me, it’s just a confirmation that you should write and write often.  Your values and thoughts may morph over time but I don’t see that as a sign of weakness.  I see that as a sign of growth and learning.  Most definitely, you’ll increase your connections.  As a result of all of this, I’ve subscribed to Kelly’s post and look forward to learning with him in the future.

Had all this never happened, I would never have known…

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2 thoughts on “You Never Know…”

  1. I’ve been blogging for about 2.5 years, and I’ve also learned to not worry about “hitting one out of the park”. I write when I feel like it. I write for myself, for reference later, and for readers. In the end you never really know what people will enjoy, disagree with, build upon, or need (perhaps the most important).
    I like to read your blog each day because you’re always real and unpretentious, practical and humble. I was talking with a friend last night about how we don’t read “traditional” new stories anymore (you know, the sort our students have to generate for the OSSLT), but instead consume blog posts. I mentioned yours as one of my favourites because it’s thoughtful and you’re not just trying to rush the story out the door as a “regular” journalist might. And you’re not just trying to build a following, which seems disturbingly common in #ontEd right now.
    This is turning into a blog post 🙂
    One more thing: I’m an advocate for “updating” posts as you learn or develop. Rewrite a previous post, but leave the old one intact. It’s fine to leave your dated thinking available when you revise your perspective online. And it’s fun.
    Thanks again, Doug. Interesting reading again today. 🙂


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