And She Did!

Recently, I wrote a blog post “Successful Blog Posts“.  It was in response to a post by Libby Taylor.  I took her original five points, analysed them with respect to “doug…off the record” and added a sixth of my own.

My call to action was a challenge to Sylvia Duckworth to create one of her lovely Sketchnotes from the points in the post.

And She Did!

Check it out below.

Thanks so much, Sylvia.  You’ve done a wonderful job.  This image is a 640×480 version of the sketchnote.  If you’d like a copy of the original, you can find it here.  We’ve talked before about using her works as posters in the classroom.  This would be awesome to have for the blogging classroom.

Kudos go to Sylvia and her super power.  You’ve knocked another one out of the park, my friend.

A Flipboard collection of her works is located here.


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