Do I Need More Music?

The post call to action is given up front.  Your job – convince me that I need to get Apple Music.

I grew up with cars that had AM radio.  There were a couple of standard radio stations – CKLW The Big 8 in Windsor and CFTR in Toronto.  Between the two of them, they gave us the all the music we needed.  (over and over and over … the play list wasn’t terribly long with a Top 40s format!)

It was at university that I first experienced the joys of FM radio.  The concept of no-static just blew me away.  With the appropriate radio, you could get a number of great channels in the Waterloo region.  (none where available in my hometown!)  But, it got even better when you could listen to stations like CHUM-FM over cable television.

Time and technology marches on.

Today, we have Stingray music channels broadcast over satellite television and newer vehicles come with SiriusXM radio.

It’s an interesting technology field.  One doesn’t replace the other.  They’re additive in that the car features all of AM, FM, and satellite radio.  It’s just there, always present, and the quality of listening is spectacular.  I’ve imported all my CD-ROMs onto my computer and feed my MP3 player with a random assortment for dog walking.

One thing has remained consistent throughout – you tune to the desired station and press play and voila.  Music.

So now, Apple Music comes along and wants to be a competitor in this field.  It’s a double pay service.  You’ll pay for access to it plus you’ll pay for internet to stream it to your device.  There are claims that it will get more personal with your next music selected for you and you can control the music through Siri integration.  It will be interesting to see how other pay for music services respond.  Hopefully with lower prices?

So, given all that is available at present – convince me – do I need this?

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6 thoughts on “Do I Need More Music?

  1. I don’t need it. Especially since we pay a lot for our bandwidth our here in rural Northern Ontario.
    Oh wait… I was suppose to convince you to use it? Sorry, nvrmnd. 😉

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  2. It’s the ruralness that costs, it seems. Our options are 3G and satellite. If I had (practically) unlimited bandwidth and was looking for a music service that wasn’t ad-supported, Apple might be the right move. Maybe. At the moment we use some ad-supported services for variety or just listen to music that we buy.


  3. Rithm is a free app that does this! Bias- my niece Jess works there, it’s a Canadian tech startup and it has been really interesting getting an inside view of their progress:) Yes the cost of Internet is terrible!! I am always juggling the data use on four devices and it is driving me crazy. I am so embarrassed because even with data managers on everything I am way over on my work phone this month:( Maybe have to look at satellite…


  4. My gut reaction says a very loud no. Loads of other services exist, and you own none of this music. Give me a well-loaded classic iPod or my CD collection ripped onto digital, and the choice of a kajillion streaming services (when I have access to WiFi, which isn’t always). I’m fond of Rdio, which, if I pay a monthly fee, lets me access my playlists offline.


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