Best Wishes

I wasn’t able to completely do one of my end of the year school routines.

The end of the school year is always a sad/happy one with the departure of students as they move grades, move schools, or even more jurisdictions.  Most people focus on that.  But there’s another move.

There are a number of superior educators who have reached the end of a career in education and move on to other things.  When you’re in a school or a single location, it’s common knowledge and the recognition is easy because you see these colleagues daily.

But, when you’re assigned centrally and have contacts in every school in the district, it becomes more of a challenge.  In that case, it was always nice to have a central conference where people can acknowledge and share when colleagues will leave the profession.  For those I know or worked with, I’d often send a card or an email or even attend a farewell celebration.

For years, my former employer had maintained access to an area like that for folks who have left the employ of the board.  It was an awesome way to continue the community that had been built over the years.  It was always so nice to see great people acknowledged publically.

Sadly, that went away this year,  With the move to Office 365, this feature has been lost to us.

Fortunately, there’s always Facebook and I’ve found out through there that there have been some people I’d worked with previously who have called it a day.  I’ve done my best to congratulate those folks but I’ve done the math and there has to be many more that I just don’t know about.

So, this post is for them – I wish them all the best for wherever their future direction lies. 

I just wish that I could have said it in a less open forum.

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  1. Hey, you said it with Kathy Mattea, and that has to count for something, right? We used to have a milestones conference within First Class that helped us track this kind of thing, but we’ve lost that as well. Strange how becoming more connected sometimes makes us less.


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