Your Tribe

Sylvia Duckworth was on fire last week releasing three sketchnotes. All of them are well done, to her high standards.  10 Top Reasons for Students to Blog, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergartern, and Have You Found Your Tribe are the latest to her collection.

You can check them out here.

I’m really intrigued, however, by the “Have You Found Your Tribe?”.

We all know that teaching can be a lonely profession at times.  It’s nice to have colleagues that will support your endeavours in the ways that you’ll see from the sketchnote.

But, depending upon the size of your school or your situation, it’s not always possible.

That doesn’t mean you stop though.  If there’s a reason to be connected with social media, consider the application to colleagues online.  Your tribe may take some work, but you may just have more success finding members online.

Having said that, I think that today’s educator would be well served by a tribe that exists in both places.  Imagine the power.

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