Recently, I got an invitation from Shelley Sanchez Terrell inviting me to check out her Livecast at Edutech 2015 workshop.

Unfortunately, by the time I got around to watching the video, it had been removed.

But, left behind, was a collaborative document that I found really interesting.  I can remember doing this “under the table” during an educational talk by a superintendent to count the number of buzzwords used during the presentation.  The idea was to be the first to get a Bingo. 

Shelley used the concept to create a Bingo card for social media.  What a great idea for a mixer activity.  I’m alone as I write this post so decide to take the test myself.

I’ve got some work to do. 

You can check out the resources and make one of your own from here.

Even better, why not create a social media Bingo card of your own tailored to your group?

I think this would be a dynamite activity to have students create their own social media inventory and awareness.


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