Hey, There’s My Fridge

For a chance to expand your mind a bit, take a read of this article.
Ubuntu: Make Wonderful Things Possible!
It’s not just another article about Linux or Ubuntu so don’t necessarily get turned off by the title.

It’s a story about a refrigerator.  But, not just any refrigerator.  It’s a smart refrigerator.

And yes, this will be the future for us.  Maybe not right now; our current fridge does a nice job but there will come a time when it needs to be replaced and we’ll have to buy what’s currently available.  (Just try to buy a rotary phone now…)

It’s the latest in the topic stream “Internet of Things”.

Now, people freak out when they realize that the internet knows where their phone is.  What about all of the other current and future devices that will be smart?

Check this out – A Map of Every Device in the World That’s Connected to the Internet.

It’s pretty impressive, but as one of the commenter notes, that’s only devices that have explicit IP addresses.  We know that there are lots more devices.

So, how to you find these things?  It’s time to introduce Shodan.

I think that we’ve become so used to using Google or Yahoo! or Bing or Lycos or DuckDuckGo to find content.  What if we want to find devices connected to the internet?

Take Shodan for a test ride.  Read about it.  “Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet

I suppose it was inevitable, and yet, there’s something incredibly addictive about being able to search for webcams.

This is a great conversion starter for all classrooms and certainly the technical aspects are terrific for Computer Studies classrooms.

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