Adding to the List

Over the weekend, I had written about going on a little photo discovery activity “Around Every Corner“.  In it, I made reference to Google Views as the source for my images.

In a few minutes after it went live, I got a reply from my friend Peter.

I felt badly.  I’d completely forgotten about his incredible resource Google A-Z.

After all, I’d blogged about it before.  “All That Google Has to Offer“.

Thank goodness Peter had my back on this to keep his document up to date.  As it turned out, I had read this article at/around the same time.  “Google+ launches Collections, a Pinterest-style sharing board“.  So, this time I knowingly passed along the addition of Google Collections for Peter’s inclusion.

And just this morning, another App on the horizon — “Timeful: This Google app can help you find time for yourself“.

With all these resources, how’s a person supposed to stay up with things?

The answer is simple.  Bookmark Peter’s A-Z document.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Author: dougpete

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