Closer Than You’d Think

There’s lots shaking in education in Ontario, to be sure. 

There’s the work action in Durham, Sudbury, and Peel in the public secondary panel. 

Starting Monday, public Elementary School teachers throughout the province are poised to take action on their own.

“We weren’t consulted”

How many times have you heard that recently?  But, it’s not coming from the teachers; it’s coming from parents with respect to the new Health Curriculum scheduled for implementation this fall.

It’s like the perfect educational storm.  The government must just hate watching the morning news, or reading the newspapers, or get briefed on the current events.

Hopefully, those that set the direction aren’t getting confirmation of their actions from the trolls commenting online in news stories.

It might just be the opportunity for teachers and parents to turn to the same page.  Teachers will realise how passionately parents feel about educational issues.  Parents will realise what it’s like to have an initiative handed down without their input.  Their mindsets are closer than what you might think.

It’s so sad that the system has to be so adversarial. When the day is done, there will be collective agreements in place and there will be a revised curriculum.

Isn’t there a better way to get this done?

Author: dougpete

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2 thoughts on “Closer Than You’d Think”

  1. It does seem quite stormy out there… again. Confusing for all?
    I often think there is a perception that parents are able to input on a lot in education, but it really isn’t the case. It is not always done effectively, timely, consistently or broadly, and if they do have input, it is often limited in impact. Many feel there is no point in bothering to give input. Some views and input are often cherry-picked and/or amplified by various groups/organizations/regions, which can lead to misunderstandings and assumptions that can often get in the way of getting on the same page.
    I appreciate your appeal, Doug. Maybe the conversations could be on the same page more than we all realize… on various issues.


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