This Week in Ontario Edublogs

This was kind of a meme week in Ontario.  Scott McLeod started the ball rolling with his post “We have to stop pretending“, a good read in itself.  If you’re not already reading his work, you should for a while.  It’s often not a comfortable read but his perspectives just might make you challenge what you think you know and that’s always a good thing.

Ontario Educators were up to the challenge, listing their own five, and tagging others to extend the conversation.  I was tagged by Brandon Grasley and that was the inspiration for my post “Stop pretending … #MakeSchoolDifferent“.  That was my launchpad to find out what other Ontario Educators were thinking about.

Kudos to Scott, not only for starting this, but he appears to be visiting every blog and commenting.

Obviously, the conversation didn’t stop with Ontario Educators.  There’s a Google Document where the points from all the blog posts has been accumulated.  135 people have written as I write this post.  Wow.

There’s no expiry date on the challenge so if you haven’t shared your thoughts or have been tagged and haven’t found the time yet or you just need the impetus to start your own blog, go for it.

More #sylvianotes

If you’re one of the three people on the internet that didn’t see Sylvia Duckworth’s recent work and retweeted or favourited them so that I got notified, she released a couple of new ones that really seemed to resonate with folks.

Two more gems for her collection.  She keeps them all in this stream on Flickr.

Sides of the Mountain

If you need one thing for a nice start to your day, then you need to visit Paul Cornie’ blog for that shot of inspiration.

He’ll give you one thought and a question to kick your brain into motion.

This appeared on Monday and is so true.  It made me reflect on a few people who, I’m sure in their minds, have reached the top.  It’s so sad to see that they’ve stopped climbing.

I wish everyone a good climb for today.

Please take a moment to visit and celebrate all of this Ontario goodness this morning.  You’ll be thinking at such a fantastic level.

The entire collection of Ontario Edubloggers can be found here.


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