You Can Get There But Where Is There?

I had a lunch date with a beautiful young lady who works at the University of Windsor.  I was told to pick her up at the roundabout at 12:00.

No problem, I thought, I’ll be there.

Then I started to think … there’s no roundabout at the University.

No problem.  I’m tech savvy.  I’ll just look it up on Google Maps.

I looked in and around and confirmed that there was nothing circular looking. 

So, I asked my wife about it? 

Oh yes, it’s on Sunset. 

Me – Didn’t the city close it to traffic?  (The University of Windsor is embedded in the city with no real room to grow.  Driving Sunset is like an obstacle course with foot traffic everywhere so I could see the desire to close it off)

Her – Well, they closed most of it and made a roundabout just off University Avenue. 

I looked again.  It’s just straight street.

Well, maybe Google hasn’t updated things.  Fortunately, I’m not a one map wonder.  I know other sources.  I’ll check Bing Maps.  If I find it there, I know Alfred will call the Google/Microsoft wars over.

Nope.  But Bing apparently knows the importance of coffee to higher education with its landmarks.

Now, I’m on a mission.

Yahoo Maps?


MapQuest?  You’re the original.  Surely, you won’t fail me.

Now, I’m desperate.  University of Windsor – surely you have an updated map.

Naw, but they’re using Google Maps to power it.

Anyway, on faith, I drove to the location at University and Sunset and, sure enough, there is a drive in to a roundabout.  I guess partial access to Sunset is needed for access to one of the parking lots.

To be fair to all these services, this is a relatively new addition to the campus and I’m sure will be available once they’re updated.

For me, it’s just a reminder that we can’t rely totally on things digital.  Sometimes, you just have to stop and ask for directions.



  1. During our recent visit to BC, my oldest with her phone/maps did a great job helping us navigate around Vancouver streets and transit. At times things got a little confusing and my “we could ask someone..” might have been annoying at times 🙂

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