Finding My Phone

Boy, did I get in trouble.

My wife and I were on the road and staying in a hotel in Stratford.  As you may know, I’m a real early riser and reader.  So, I’m reading this article “How to use Google to find your lost Android phone“.

I’m here and my phone is over there on the dresser.  Could Google find it?  I wonder.

I head to Google and type “find my phone”.

This is a nice feature.  I don’t want anyone but me finding my phone!

I log in and Google starts looking and finds it.

How about that?  Within 12 metres!  That’s pretty impressive.

It makes sense.  In order for the phone to work, it needs to be connected to the phone network and the network needs to know where it is.  I was so impressed with how close it got.

Then, I made a mistake.

See that little icon that says “Ring” in the bottom left corner?  I should have paid attention to the warning that the service rings the phone at loudest volume for 5 seconds.  I thought that, since I turn the speaker off at night, it might just flash or something.

Yeah.  You can see how this story ends.

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