Music in a Lifetime

Earlier this week, I had interviewed Anita Brooks Kirkland.  It was a great interview and she shared so much about her thoughts of today’s Learning Commons.  Through our interactions in the past, I knew of her interests in music and in birding.  I thought that I would ask her about music in one of the questions.

What I didn’t know, and it came out in the interview, was that her orchestra has assembled a pretty comprehensive music education resource.  It’s titled “Music In A Lifetime“.

When you visit, there’s so much to take in so plan on allocating some time.

In particular, check out the section “For Teachers”.

There is a rich collection of resources created and shared by the Wellington Winds along with links to other similar resources and to music resources from the web.  A focus on inquiry lets you know that the resources here are recent and tie nicely into the Ministry of Education’s direction and probably your school district.

Don’t forget to check out their YouTube Channel while you’re there.

Thank you so much, Anita, for sharing this resource.

I wonder what I would have discovered had I asked her about birds?


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