A Kiosk

Sometimes, it’s just nice to do something “because you can” without a consideration for actually having a plan to do anything with it.  That’s where I found myself with the Chrome App Builder written by Google.

And, it’s just about that easy.  The application turns a web resource into an application that runs natively in Chrome OS or, if you turn off the Kiosk mode option, within any browser.. 

Ever the educator, my first question was “How could a school use this?” 

How about during open houses and you’re looking for an information Kiosk.  I know that people have created information displays with other tools but they do require a look-see every now and again to see if some enterprising student has elected to show Mom and Dad what else the computer can do….

Publishing the resulting production to the Chrome Web Store might be of interest as well. 

Or, just visit me on the web!


Author: dougpete

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2 thoughts on “A Kiosk”

  1. Mr. Doug I totally agree with you that it’s nice to just do something because you can. As a future educator I think that you should introduce new technologies to your students even if they do not plan to do anything with them. I wonder what other ways this app can be used in the school besides the one you suggested.


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