One Less Add-on

I really like things that simply life for me and a recent addition to Firefox has done it for me.  And…maybe it make the browser run just a bit faster in the process.

One of the first things that I add to any browser is an add-on to share the story in the current window. 

With the addition, there’s now one less thing to do.  The magic is behind this little button.

Behind the scenes, it hooks into a number of places where you might want to share the current page…

And, of course, down the list to…

…where I already have a number of things in place with each Twitter message.

Once configured, the use of the sharing button is immediate.  Just visit a web resource to be shared and click the button.

Choose your destination and away it goes.

The clickable link, as opposed to the screen capture above is here:

It’s a small thing, but if it makes things a little quicker and smoother for me, I’m all in!

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