A Digital Literacy Framework

The Canadian Centre for Digital and Media Literacy has released a comprehensive resource for schools they’re calling “USE, UNDERSTAND & CREATE: A Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools“.  Read the details and thoughts behind the resource on their blog.

The resource is huge and addresses all grades from K-8.  The resources are grouped by division and address a number of important concepts.

The layout and organization reminds me of a project I was involved with a number of years ago.  Rather than identify one activity and assign it to a particular grade, it recognizes that not all classrooms are ready for the concept at the same time.  It also lays a roadmap to revisit the concept at a later time and grade.

I worked my way through the lessons (it’s not a quick task) and am very impressed at the scope and depth of the resource.  It’s not a silly little lesson or two that skims the surface.  There’s real and important concepts that should be an important part of every classroom.  The value is that, with this release, you can use the lessons right now. 

Throughout the resource, it builds on the equally important document “Young Canadians in a Wired World” found among a collection of resources on the Research and Policy Page.

This is a wonderful resource and should find a home in every classroom.  It addresses very important concepts and provides the basics for any class or student using the internet at any level in education.

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