Clouds in Google Docs

One of the reasons that my online document space is Google Drive is for the excellent tools.  Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawings, …  There’s nothing that I do that isn’t well handled here.

But even further than great tools, they have the facility to be even better through the use of Add-ons.  If a particular functionality isn’t there, chances are there is an Add-on that provides it.  Just like you might add more functionality to your browser itself, these Add-ons extend the functionality of the tool you’re using.  Just choose the Add-on menu item and then Get Add-ons.

Sit back because you’re going to spend some time taking a look at what more you can do with your document.

The reason for this post was I had to create a document the other day and needed a Word Cloud.  

Now, we all know that there are excellent utilities to do this on the web already.  It’s just a matter of going to them, paste your text into the creator, let it create the cloud, then you save it and import it into your document.  I’ve done it a whack of times.  I’m sure you might have as well.

But, as I started to create, I wondered out loud.  Does one exist right in Google Drive?

Sure enough there is one.  It’s called Tag Cloud Generator.  It worked beautifully for me.

Just complete your document and invoke the generator and voila!  For the purpose of this post, I opened the interview that I had conducted with Donna Fry a way back and created a cloud.

The utility took the content from our interview and nicely summarized it for me.  So nicely, in fact, I’m sitting here thinking – why didn’t I do this all along with my interviews?  Checking out the cloud reveals the passion that she has for education nicely.  (As well as a love for her beloved Thunder Bay).

The whole process was so quick and it was all done within the document.  This is a learning keeper for me.

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