Science and Shhhh, Learning

ENWIN Utilities has launched a very kid-friendly site designed to teach about Electricity, Water, and Conservation.  Decked in bright colours, it’s fun to explore and just packed with all kids of information.  Kids Zone is the place.

After some background reading and researching, it’s time to take your learning to a new level.

A series of quizzes and games put your understanding to the test.  The information is presented in a very readable format, chunked together in topics.

There’s lots to learn, including things like learning how to read the meter on the side of your house. 

This is a well designed site and I’m sure will find a nice place in the elementary school science classroom.

It’s fun and engages nicely. 

Just don’t overlook the fact that there’s a great deal of learning going on too.

Author: dougpete

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3 thoughts on “Science and Shhhh, Learning”

  1. Thanks for sharing this one Doug! I especially like the activity about reading a hydro meter. Since I think most of Hydro1 customers here in Brampton have been switched to digital we will have an additional challenge to figure out how the two different meters relate in the data that is output.


  2. As I was writing the post, Sharron, I was thinking along the same lines. Maybe the city dwellers need to know how the other half lives! Even without that, it’s a different spin on mathematics. Thanks for commenting. It did bring a smile.


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