Faking It

There is a great deal of media this morning about the pending update of the new sex curriculum in Ontario.  Is there really something new under the sun?

Actually, quite a bit since the release of the original document. 

One of the emergent technologies since then has been the abundance of affordable technologies and students are using them in ways never dreamt.  One that we hear of quite regularly is using text messaging to send all kinds of messages.  Bullying, of course, but the one that hits centre in the discussion is of sending sexual messages.  It’s even spawned a new term “sexting” which I try not to focus on since it’s just one piece of the puzzle.  Yet, it seems to be the one that hits the top of the discussion.

There will, undoubtedly, be all kinds of resources generated but we need to keep in mind the sophistication of today’s youth.  They’ll immediately get turned out if it’s just a one way lectures about the evils or yet another worksheet.

A resource that might prove to be helpful is ifaketext.  It’s an online generator to create a text message conversation that looks like a screen capture from an iphone discussion.  It’s simple to use and the results are very good.  Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Sylvia Duckworth.  I did go old school and sent the request to her via, gasp, email.  But, had I been on top of technology, I could have sent her a text message with the invitation.  Here it is, had I done so, recreated in ifaketext.

and the result….

You’ll notice that the output is pretty darned accurate.  Once created, the resulting image can be repurposed in a number of ways.  I really like the concept of embedding it into your class wiki.

Just keep in mind that the resulting image lives on their site.  (Privacy Policy)  The other concern is that the service providers that you choose from are not available in Ontario.  Maybe this is a resource that OSAPAC should license to have modified with Canadian carriers.

Of course, there are all kinds of ways that you could incorporate this into your classroom in meaningful ways. By itself, it’s a pretty straightforward way to generate impressive looking results.

2 thoughts on “Faking It

  1. We have a new phys ed and health curriculum, with a ton of new info. Sex curriculum made me think of the Monty Python sketch, and grin. Pretty neat fake text tool, though.


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