On Friday, I got a request from @dinamoati to help promote the higherEDcamp.

I did a simple retweet at the time….

It was a bit of a promotion, but in typical 140 character fashion, a little lean on details.  This post will be a little more.  I checked out the website for this edCamp at http://www.higheredcamp.com/.

It’s good to see that higher education is taking a step in this direction.  I’ve been to some edCamps – edCampQuinte and edCampSWO come to mind, among the dozens that have been run in Canada, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and renew acquaintances with folks who have similar interests.  We even tried to build an element of that into the Bring IT, Together conference in the area we called the Learning Space.

As Dina says, “it’s time for professionals to move from “a la carte” one size fits all training to make your own “salad bar” personalized learning.

Participants come prepared, not for a sit and git day, but to participate actively in discussions and even perhaps to lead a discussion on something they’re passionate about.  Unlike a formal conference presentation, there’s less pressure to create something that’s exactly one hour long, be approved by a conference committee, and be the sole voice in the room.  Typically, there’s no agenda in advance, except for lunch.  The format of the day and its content is structured by those in attendance.


Teachers in K-12 have been supporting this form of professional learning for a few years now.  Many have incorporated the concepts into their daily teaching practice.  It’s refreshing to see that those in higher education are looking to embrace it as well.

If you’re in the GTA on April 25 and are involved in higher education, you should consider joining Dina and her organizing team for the day.

Complete details and registration for this free event is available here.



  1. Dina and I co organized edcamp Toronto and was a great success! I am really looking forward to attending higheredcamp as an attendee and learn and connect with everyone. Hope to see you there!


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