Digital Footprint by Sylvia

Sylvia Duckworth has created another interesting Sketchnote.  This time, she takes on the concept of a student developing a Positive Digital Footprint.  See the Sketchnote below…



The content for this comes from the Queensland Government.  I searched for, found, and hopped over to see the resource.

Sylvia actually used the resource for the elementary school student.  There are three resources there worth checking out.

What I liked about this is that it’s straight forward and to the point.  I’ve seen so many resources that go on and on and try to address each possible scenario online.  They’re so long that you just lose interest after a while.

On this Family Day, why not spend a few moments talking to the young online person in your house?  These are five terrific things to consider.

Teachers may wish to consider posting this in their classroom as a constant reminder to be safe.

You can check out all of Sylvia’s Sketchnotes in a Flipboard document here.

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