The Writing Teacher’s ABCs

Linda Aragoni is a person with which I’ve made a connection on Twitter, specifically around the topics of language – reading and writing.  She’s always good to challenge my thinking (I’ve never actually taught language, just mildly use it) and is a constant source of wonderful resources for writing teachers that she shares on her Twitter stream.  In other words, if you’re teaching reading and writing, you need to connect with her.

Recently, she shared with me that she’s publishing an eBook titled “The Writing Teacher’s ABCs” and gave me a preview copy.

It’s available in a number of eformats.  (She’s going to kill me for using that term)

I read the book with an eye towards teaching in general and specifically with respect to my writing on this blog.  It was one of those resources that it’s hard to put down once you get started.  Unlike the traditional book with long, involved chapters, she’s broken her advice and insights down from A-Z.  Each piece of advice is written in an easy to digest chunk.

I’ll confess that I immediately jumped to “Zest” to see how that fit into things.  I was motivated to read the entire book when I saw how she addressed the topic of “Zestful teachers”.  I found the entire book easy to read but also immediately found myself stopping and being reflective on the various topics that she identified.  Even if you’re not specifically teaching writing, many of the items in the book refer to just plain good teaching.

The book is available for download from Leanpub at this link.  She’s suggesting a minimum of $1.99 to purchase the entire book.  There is a link to get a preview so that you can try before you buy.

But, if you act today, she’s making the entire book available for free.  Look to her Twitter stream for the download link so that you can have it for your return to work on Tuesday.  I’ll share the link once I find it.

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