I’m OK and I’m Good with That

It’s a wild internet out there.  We’ve all heard about dodgy and unsafe websites and the problems that can happen when you visit the wrong one.  Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have Google Safe Browsing technology built into them.  The list is constantly updated with reports of sites that would do malicious things toContinue reading “I’m OK and I’m Good with That”

OTR Links 02/09/2015

6 tech skills you need to stay relevant – Business Insider “That said, there’s value in using the year’s starter months to reassess your current skill sets and identify areas for improvement, growth, and learning.” tags: tech skills business insider A Virtual Pet in Scratch Some things to keep you amused – @mraspinall @mrsaspinall @Austin_Gagnier8Continue reading “OTR Links 02/09/2015”