The Beauty of Fibonacci

Once is nice; twice calls for blogging about it to save it.

Earlier this week, Brian Aspinall had blogged and shared a YouTube video that he had created showing how the Fibonacci Sequence works in the programming language Scratch.  I read the post (liked the reference to Computational Thinking) and enjoyed the video.

If you need a quick fact check on what the Fibonacci Sequence is, click here or watch Brian’s video.  It’s just one of those things that makes mathematics beautiful and I think is a part of any Computer Studies course.

So, I watched his video and had warm fuzzy thoughts about Fibonacci.

So warm, in fact, that I wrote my own in Hopscotch.  It’s not a difficult program but did bring back good memories from my Computer Science classroom.  There’s so many things that you can do with the sequence.

Until this morning.

I’m looking at my Hootsuite feed getting caught up with my mentions when I catch a glimpse of the word “brilliant” in my main stream.  My ever changing attention span checks out this post from Rachel Jones.  I don’t follow Rachel but one of the folks that I do follow had retweeted it.  You’ve got to love this as a wonderful example of productive networking.

Here’s the Twitter message.

And the picture?

This is absolutely brilliant, beautiful, and any other superlative that you want to use.

Throw this at your students on Monday!  How many words would be in the next sentence?  Could you write that sentence?  The next three sentences?  Could you use Brian’s program to help?

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